Monday, May 16, 2011

May Goal: Halfway There!

Present word count: 12,683

I've come to realize that this first draft is unlikely to be 30,000 words. And that's okay. It's flowing nicely, and I've completed the first 11 chapters, out of 23 chapters total. Today and tomorrow I'm going back to the drawing board, fleshing out the next bunch of chapters with notes so I can get a better writing flow going.

I did a great job outlining this novella, which has really helped me move my word count along. However, as I've written some parts of the book have morphed (that's the fun part!) so I need to refresh my outline.

Lots of writers disagree with outlining. I can't help it; my thoughts go in circles until I get main ideas on the page, and outline form works great for me. Then I'm also able to write much faster, because I know where I'm headed. I even take a look at scenes I plan to write in the morning the night before, to let my brain stew on them while I sleep. Always multi-tasking. :)


  1. I'm exactly the same way with outlines - I do a loose one, to help prevent writers block, but things inevitably change and so I just update the outline. Yay on halfway done!

  2. Nice to meet you J. R.,
    Each writer has their own unique method. Your method works for you and others sit and just write. I am becoming more of a planner myself. Do you belong to a writing organization?
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  3. Great to meet you! I agree, we all have our own crazy ways. It took me a while to figure out a good system for taking enough notes, developing my ideas enough to actually start writing. In early projects I started writing way to early. Now I make myself wait until I have words practically dripping out my ears.

    I made a breakthrough, and the story works much better after my brainstorm this morning. So now there are 24 chapters. And I hit the 15,000 mark earlier today. Feeling exhilarated.


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